Our new generation Fax solution provides you the flexibility to send and receive faxes directly through email.

We'll provide you with a phone number,which is mapped to your email id. The number when called gives a fax tone. An SMS is sent to you after the fax is received. Fax is available in your mailbox as a attachment. Replying to the email can send a Fax to the sender.

Fax 2 Email
    We'll provide you with a Virtual Number which gives a Fax Tone when called.
    The Incoming Fax is received, converted to a PDF and is emailed to you as a PDF attachment.

Email 2 Fax
    Email with PDF attachment sent to 1125087606@voice.thinkcaller.com  by the user
    The PDF is extracted and sent to 011-25087606 as a fax

Instant and easy web configuration
No machine, No phone line, No Electricity,Never Busy
Be Mobile read faxes as PDF files on your email or phone.
Get SMS Alert every time you get a fax
Auto-Archive your faxes. Can access them anytime from your mailbox
Ensure Privacy - Nobody will have access to important faxes